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Baby's first year  goes by so fast.  Ask anyone.  This is your chance to document the different milestones they reach and tell their story.

We have four sessions in our 1st Year Package.  All four can be booked at once for the biggest savings or they can be combined to your preferences or purchased one at a time.   

Milestone sessions are $150 each.  Purchase two for $250; three for $350 or all four for $450.

The first, 'Head Control', usually happens around 4 months.  Some babies are ready sooner and some take a bit longer.  Every baby is different and will reach these 'milestones' at different ages.  

Next your baby will begin to sit up on their own.  'Sitting Pretty' sessions usually occur between 6-8 months.

The next two can be flipped depending on which milestone they reach first.  'Standing Tall' usually occurs between 9-11 months once baby can stand on their own.  

And then there's 'Fun to be One'.  This usually occurs a few weeks before or after their first birthday.  This one differs from 'Standing Tall' in that we focus on the birthday-theme, cake and bubble bath.

Before your first session you'll  visit the studio so you can see all the backgrounds, props, outfits and accessories I offer so we can begin to plan your session.  We'll discuss your tastes and I will customize three setups for each session to suit your style.

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